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Personalised Analysis Reports


Personalised Reports
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Welcome to the personalised reports page!

A warm welcome to you! has come along way since 1996 helping tens and thousands of visitors who many have now known us as a trusted friend.

It is our sincere hope that you can also benefit from the reports on this site. You can immediately start taping the wisdom to this intricate and highly technical subject of Feng Shui and Chinese divinity methods. Use these tools to help you understand and improve your quality of life.

Find out why some houses are good for one person but bad for another. Which specific interior features should be avoided. Encourage beneifical qi and discourage unfavourable sha. Match your home with our personalised analysis.

Many of our user-friendly reports, do away with many complicated and tedious calcuations.

The reports comes complete with the analysis to help you understand and apply to your life immediately With the knowledge in hand, learn how to personalise them to you and your family. The wealth of knowldege is there to help you understand and enrich your unique destiny how to encourage beneifical qi and discourage unfavourable sha match your home and/or office with your horososcope.

Many of the reports were originally tailor made for our own specific use. For example, Pillars of Destiny, Flying Star and Good House reports were created for our own personal use. These reports are not simple reports but very detailed reports that has to meet the high standard and demands of Cecil Lee.

Cecil and Robert, took along time with many late nights to work on each of the highly accurate reports. These reports are a testimony of our relentless pursit for perfection. And, today the reports had help tens of thousands of thousands of people all over the world! And with the help of these reports, we continue to help many!

Perhaps, the most intriguing part of this reports section is the personalisation to each individual so that everybody can match thier personal characteristics to their surroundings, whether at home or at work, thus ensuring greater environmental harmony and leading to enhanced inner peace, which itself leads to personal succcess, happiness and fortune.

We have already helped tens of thousands of people through the world with our personalised reports. Check out how you can benefit from them. Each report features a different aspect of your self as you use each of them.

For all the reports you can get FULL support directly from us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post your queries to our Free Advice forum to seek further clarifications from our expert: Cecil and Robert Lee.

It is my hope that with this site, you too, can also start taping its wisdom to this intricate and highly technical subject, a course in understanding and using geomancy to improve your quality of life.

Furthermore, by supporting, for example, our Paid reports, you are also helping us to maintain this site for further research to improve everyone's life! We thank you for this!

Feng Shui Analysis Reports

We are still updating the resources pages (ie. how to use, how to generate, how to interpret, case studies etc for each report.) Once completed you will find a comprehensive resources on each analysis reports available and how you can effectively use them for your benefit.

Yours sincerely,

Cecil & Robert Lee



Users Comments
Best Site on the Web Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetDear Cecil,

After browsing many many feng shui sites, I came to one conclusion: your site is the most sensible, reasonable and helpful one of all. I've been to sites where they want to sell you just about anything and everything. The information they are willing to give is so trivial and one senses that the only thing they are interested in is to make money and sell you products that might and might not fit in with your decor or your culture, and of course doesn't serve the purpose of curing and or enhancing.

Sorry for the long message, but I have a friend who spent a fortune buying all types of figurines to cure then to enhance and then eventually all she got was more figures on her credit card and no luck!

I believe that what one should do is get your advise first because it makes so much sense and it is always sincere. I also believe that people should buy things that pleases their eye and provide a sense of beauty and balance.

Again sorry for the long message and thank you for a wonderful site.

Luna Ghobar, 10 March 2003

Students new to Feng Shui can learn more on their own, with the help of a few good books and this website, than many "practitioners" can teach them.

Regina Cohn, 29, January 2004