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Caesarean/Caesarian Dates

Selection of Baby's Date of Caesarean/Caesarian Operation

Information Needed from you

Furnish us with:-

 Baby's gender (boy or girl)
 Parent's Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth (Time of birth Optional)
 Baby Sibling's Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth (Time of birth Optional)
 Your doctor's recommended dates for the caesarian operation (Two weeks range)

Who will make the recommendations?

Master Robert Lee will study and make the recommendations for the date of the caesarian operation. This involves quite alot of work as he needs to look thru at least 14 detailed Ba Zi charts to find the best chart for your child.

Time Frame

 3-5 days (if you require urgently let us know);

This is strictly an on-line service. Depending on your preference, Master Robert Lee will personally contact you after he had made a selection of the recommended dates. You will be either e-mailed or contacted with the date


Caesarian Date for Newborn

  • SGD $188
  • For those looking for a good date for the best Baby Ba Zi Luck.
  • Information Required
    [ Form: .doc / .pdf ]
    - Parents's Chinese Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth
    - Baby's Gender
    - Date Range (ie. between 10 Jan to 17 Jan)
    - Doctor's Availability (ie. day time)
  • Features
    - Expert Help (Online Service)
    - Ba Zi Analysis for 30 days range
    - Analyse 12 different chinese hours of each day for best Baby Ba Zi (Total of 84 different ba zi analysis)
    - Recommend which date will give the best baby's ba zi luck
    - Recommend which hours should be recommended for the baby to be born
    - Recommend characteristic such as wealth luck, power luck etc.
    - 100% Done Personally by Master Robert Lee


Any Questions? Call Master Robert Lee at (65) 9835-5734 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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